Friday, 18 May 2012

HTML/JAVASCRIPT: Creating a window in Javascript

Some times its an useful job to create a window with a new requirement. But , when we are in development room/area , we always remember any search engine to fine the solutions for any type of problem. Even I , also  following some of the search engine. But, it is a fact that I am always try to avoid this type of habits. Be , traceable  for finding any solution. This article is one of the mail memory & also my teaching my myself , that don't guess any coding is normal and easy , so don't remember.

So, below the topic:- code line put inside script tag'','','left=0,top=0,width=1000,height=780,toolbar=0,scrollbars=0,status=0');

All parameters are not mandatory  to put with values. If you donot need any scrollbar,toolbar,status bar then you can put 0 as the value here, either put 1.

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

J2EE: Set Print Area in JSP/HTML Page for Printer

This is one the interesting topic related to print the specific data from a jsp/html page. Directly to printer, without other browser data. I have done a quite obvious way in javascript for set the print area for printing. I faced this problem in my development team with me, for set a specific area for print.
Caution:-  Use of JavaScript may not be  always acceptable, due to client. If user/client disable the script setting in browser these may not work properly. But, every browsers are support script by default.  

As we knows :-
window. Print() is used for print in JavaScript. There are so many ways to do a printing task in jsp/html page. Out of all I have mentioned 2 process below with advantage & disadvantage.  Put the below function in script area of your page:-
function setDivPrint(val){
                                var printdata=document.getElementById('printarea').innerHTML;
                                var srcOriginalContent=document.body.innerHTML;                      

Here ‘printarea ‘ is the id of printable div. It has some limitation, with getting the cancel button click event and some more. I am not mentioning all here. But in Proc-2 is so eminent than Proc-1.
function setDivPrint(val){
                                var printdata=document.getElementById('printarea').innerHTML;

Here ‘printarea ‘ is the id of printable div. .This method is recommended to use. In this method no need to get the cancel or print button event. Suppose the user click on cancel, then the main original page should come, but it may not coming with the Proc-1 . So, No need to face this problem in Proc-2.

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