Monday, 26 February 2018

Wells Fargo Java interview questions for 4-8 years experience

Java/J2ee interview questions asked by Wells Fargo for 4-8 years of experience. These interview questions had asked in the 1st round of technical interview.

1. About your current project.
2. What is Abstract class and interface, when we need to use them.
3. What is the significance of concurrency api ? What are the api you have used ?
4. What is difference between Hashmap and Hashset.
5. What is use of Linked list over ArrayList
6. What is Concurrent Hashmap? Give me the internal implementation of Concurrent HashMap.
7. Can we declare final inside abstract class and interface both.
8. Tell some critical situation in your current project or solution,you have handled. 
9. Give a design level understanding on abstract class and interface implementation.While design, you need consider the system scalability, robustness , few software designing principle.

10. Write a utility using some design pattern ?
11. Write your own hibernate dao and impl for persist and update the record.
12. Which Jar we need for spring annotation.
13. What is importance of @RestControllor ?
14. What is the underlined design pattern implemented in hibernate ?