Wednesday, 25 July 2012

More struts-config.xml file in your Project

Is it possible to have multiple struts-config.xml in a single project ?

Answer:- YES

Yes,  its a new flavor for developers. In today's it is one of the most FAQ from most of the prominent IT/Software companies.

Yes, it is not too hard to implement struts-config.xml file more than one in your project. But , it may hazardous in case of proper settings.

Basically as per my experience multiple number of struts-config.xml file is not required always but in few cases when the project flow has many modules/sections and the development team want to maintain a separation layer for all module including struts fetures at that time we may require it.Here is the easy steps you can follow :-

Steps to Follow :-

 First few changes in WEB-INF/web.xml

Now, create 2 ( any number of xml file you can do) xml file as mentioned inside the web.xml file.



struts-extra-config.xml ( This is 2nd struts config file)

Now create 2 action file (Action Servlet) as per our example :-


Finally create 3 jsp file for mapping forword .



This file is first file from which we will send request to action.

Now your project structure like below :- 

Now run your project & Enjoy your multiple struts-config.xml file in a single project . Any doubt ping me.

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