Monday, 29 July 2013

How to inherit a constructor in JAVA

First of all when we are talking about the inheritance , Java does not inherit the construtor from super class.As we know constructor is one of the member of a , but we cannot inherit it for sub class (child class).Yes, we can invoke a super class (parent class) constructor from sub class by using the keyword "super".

Few Points about 'super' Keyword :-

1. Its a reserved keyword by Java API.
2. It is used to invoke or call super class (parent class) members .
3. When 'super' keyword is used inside the sub class (child class) constructor , 'super' keyword
     is the first line inside the constructor.

Example :-

 * @Author Manoj
 * 29/07/2013

class SUP{
    public SUP(String s){
        System.out.println("Hi Super: "+s);

//SUB class extending SUP class
class SUB extends SUP{
    public SUB(String p){
        // Explicitly call the super class argument constructor
        // super is the first line inside the constructor
        System.out.println("Hi SUB: "+p);   
    public static  void main(String str[]){
        new SUB("Manoj Kumar");

OutPut :-

Hi Super: Manoj Kumar
Hi SUB: Manoj Kumar

Note :- If super class(parent class) constructor is a no-argument constructor the no need to call that constructor by using 'super'
keyword inside the sub class (child class) constructor .

When you invoke sub class (child class) constructor with no-argument, automatically super class (parent class) no-argument constructor
called or invoked.

Hope it will help you.

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