Friday, 8 August 2014

Tavant Interview Questions.....

Tavant Technologies
Round 1:F2F
1) Tell abt ur technical skills
2) How to work with ajax applications?
4) Asked about page factory design concepts.
5) What are the collections u used in ur project?
6) Framework explanation
7) How to find no of rows or columns in a table?
8) Diff b/w interface and abstract class?
9) Various oops concepts used in the project?
10) Roles and responsibilities.
11) SQL queriesa) how to find duplicate records in a table b) Display the name of the emp who is getting         10th maximum salary
12) Logical questions:
i) A 2l bottle and a 4l bottle, By this u have to give me 3l of water? Is it possible? If yes tell me how
ii) 8 balls, having same color and weight, out of that 1 is defective, a physical balance is given, using this how to find the defective one.

Round 2
1. What is run-time polymorphism? Explain with program? Where is it achieved?
2. SQL queriesemp table fieldsename,eid,age
a) Find the name of the emp who has 3rd max age
b) Having clause and where clause
3. Logical questions
a) Cake in round shape, u have to cut the cake by 3 times only, and u have to divide into 8 equal pieces
b) Using 5 zeros, how to make it as 120
c) He gave me a paper, asked me to tore the paper once, to make 3 equal pieces

Round 3- HR+ Managerial round

1. Tell abt ur self
2. Why u r looking for the job?
3. What are the difficulties u faced in ur previous job?
4. He is asking the same questions in different ways for 15 min
5. Framework
6. Difference b/w abstract class and interface.
7. Scenario-an abstract class implements an interface, can the abstract class implement the methods of interface?
8. From that he asked that do u perform auto it scripts in parallel execution?
9. Difference B/w primary key and unique key
10. Can unique key column hold null values? If yes how many null values?
11. Use of super keyword, order of execution
12. Collections u used in the project
13. When array will be used ? and when array list will be used?

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