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How can I edit / fix the last git commit's message?

How can I edit / fix the last git commit's message?

Amending any message to your git or bit-bucket is quite easy. Normally sometime, a developer need to modify the last committed message in git/bit-bucket. Git command is providing easy commands to achieve this. Follow the below steps with attached screen shot and you can do this.

Just pull your working branch , where  you want to modify the last commit. But, make sure you want to modify your last commit for the working branch.I have bit-bucket in this example post.

Command Syntax:-

git commit --amend -m "Your Amend Message"
Then use the below command to push your changes.
git push -f  origin master

Example , as per the attached screenshot. I have used the command prompt for this example. In the below example , I have updated the new message "Amending new message". Then, push  (used -means --force) the message to git/bit-bucket. Use the below screenshot as reference. 

bit-bucket command - Java Developers Guide
Bit-Bucket amend

Now, you can see in bit-bucket the last committed message. The last message I have modified , its reflecting.

bit bucket amend
Bit-Bucket web view

Hope it will help you.

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