Tuesday, 24 January 2017

New skill for your resume - Groovy

Adding Groovy to your Resume.

Are you adding groovy to your resume this year ? As a developer with 3-8 year experience you need heterogeneous number of technical skills. To compete a challenging goal and if you are seeking a challenging position , you need many skill sets . Only Java skills will not help you crack the interview.

Now-a-days most of the organizations are expecting a resource with full stack development experience.You can find more about full stack development in another post.

By adding Groovy to your resume will help you to build a positive impression for shortlisting your profile. Interview will always have a positive and negative result. But, shortlisting your profile is most important factor.

Groovy is quite old, but still you need Groovy for certain solution design. Once you added Groovy to your resume , make sure you are ready with all possible questions from interviewer. Sometimes , even you have hands on experience but you can't prompt your answer.

If you see what exactly Groovy is , you can say It's a kind of scripting language. It's a dynamic language with features similar to those of Python, Ruby, Perl, etc. It can be used as a scripting language for the Java Platform, is dynamically compiled to Java Virtual Machine (JVM) bytecode, and interoperates with other Java code and libraries.  

Groovy uses a Java-like curly-bracket syntax and its really very easy to implement.

Finally again, its very clear that adding Groovy in your resume will help to shortlist your profile.This will increase the chance of hiring. Apart from job chance, this will impress the interviewer , if you are prompting with right answer :) :)

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