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Recover Missing Or Unallocated Space On A USB Drive

Recover Missing Or Unallocated Space On A USB Drive - using diskpart

Are you worried about your USB Drive? You are thinking you have lost your USB. But, this is quite obvious when you have done something with your USB drive. What happend to your USB Drive ?

Normally when you are playing with file systems , you should bit aware about the pros and cons. However, you no need to worry . You can recover your USB Drive memory space once again.

Every Operating System(OS) has different file systems. When you use your USB Drive cross platform purpose, It mean you are playing with different file systems. What happened to your USB Drive ? Why its not allowing/showing you to the original space/capacity ? 

Let's Assume..... with few below points.

1. May be you have deleted the partition. It means Unallocated space.
2. May be you have burned your space with some different file system , which is not supported by your current OS file system.
3. May be some other reason.

Here, In this post I have lost my memory space . I have burned my USB Drive space, because I was creating bootable Linux Installation drive.I will post in my next article
how to create a bootable USB drive. I have used the below USB Drive for this Post.

USB Drive Details:-

SanDisk , 16 GB Capacity

You need to just check with Windows Disk Management. You will find all information about your computer/desktop drive. Below disk management image shows the disk status.
This will show you the disk allocation , disk space usage, and some other helpful information.
java developers guide - disk managment tool
Disk Management - Windows

As I mentioned above, I have lost my pendrive. Its not useful for me until I recover the memory. I am using here Windows 10 OS to recover my lost space.

Windows OS is providing feature to manage your disk partitions using diskpart command.

Open command line or run command and type diskpart.

java developers guide- diskpart
diskpart - open by run command

Now, just simply follow the below commands one-by-one.

1. Check the list of disks in your computer.

          list disk

2. Select your disk that you want to recover. You need to be very careful here , because if you choose the wrong disk you might loose some other data. So, here I am choosing disk 1. Because, its a common sense  my USB Drive capacity is 16 GB.

       select disk 1

3. Now , do clean for your chosen disk.


4. Now, you have already got successfully cleaning the disk message. Now you need to create a partition for your disk . This is the primary partition, though you are creating only one drive.

     create partition primary

5. If you got succeeded, then you are done. Just exit.


Below Image will help you to get the commands easily. 

java_developers_guide_diskpart console
diskpart console

Your USB Drive is not yet ready to use. You have just recovered your space, but you need to format the USB Drive. Being I am using Windows 10 , I need to format this USB Drive
to Windows compatiable. Windows OS compatiable file systems are NTFS,FAT/FAT16/FAT32. Below image will show you ....

java developers guide - formatting
Formatting - recovered

Hope you are happy now :) You got your USB Drive back.. and same some Dollars :)

Hope it will help you.
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