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Git plugin installation on Eclipse

Git plugin installation on Eclipse.

This is very easy and you can do this easily. Normally , Eclipse IDE comes with in-build git plug-in. But, some how if its missed, we can add as the external plugin. Follow the below step-by-step process .

Step by step process to install git  plugin on eclipse:-

Step 1) Use the repository location. i.e.

Step 2.) Go to Help > Install New Software

Step 3.) Add repository location, Click Add. Enter repository name as "EGit".Then click Ok to add repository location.

Step 4.) Expand “Eclipse Git Team Provider” and select “Eclipse Git Team Provider”. Then Click Next

Step 5.) Review product and click Next.

Step 6.) Accept the agreement and click Finish.

Step 7.) Then, it will take few time for download the plugin and binaries.

Step 8.) Then ,accept the prompt to restart the Eclipse.

Now Your Eclipse is ready to use Git Repository Plugin.

You can also verify the Git installation.

Step 1.) Go to Help > Install New Software

Step 2.) Click on Already Installed and verify plugin is installed.

Else you can verify by searching on Windows => preference => type egit on search box.

Screenshot 1:-

Screenshot 2:-

Hope it will help you.

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