Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How to configure the username on git

How to configure the user name on git.


This is simple solution but BIG question .....???

To change/configure the user name at your local machine is very easy, but the user name issue is often trouble to developer.

Usually you will get the below error :-

remote: refs/heads/bugfix/testtagging: bd04a65ec413cecbd11cadc336cb4dd25fa3d935: expected committer name 'Manoj Kumar Bardhan' but found 'manojkumar.bardhan'

To fix this , you need to configure the user name as expected. First check what is the existing user name before set to new.

dev@jdg-developer-desktop ~/testtagging/test $ git config --global user.name

Change/Configure the user name by using below command, you can provide your expected user name.

dev@jdg-developer-desktop ~/testtagging/test $ git config --global user.name "Manoj Kumar Bardhan"

Now, you can check again the user name after change/configure.

dev@jdg-developer-desktop ~/testtagging/test $ git config --global user.name
Manoj Kumar Bardhan

Now you can see the old user name was "manojkumar.bardhan" and new user name is "Manoj Kumar Bardhan".

It worked for me, hope it will help you.

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